Saturday, November 26, 2016

Warning: A New Video Bug Can Destroy Your iDevice

A New iPhone killer has been recently uncovered. The five-second video that causes Apple's handsets to freeze and stop running made Apple's iOS platforms quality called into question.

This new virus, which is still spreading on the web, causes damage to iPhones, iPads, and iPods when playing a malicious short video. This iPhone bug has recently spread through the Safari browsers leading to a dramatic slow down to the phone before it will completely be locked up and frozen.

The "Telegraph" newspaper  reported that the company "Everything Apple Pro" first discovered this short video which displays a person just standing near the bed and a word "Honey" written screen wide. The company added that after running that video clip, the iDevices continue to function for a while before they start to slow down rapidly and then end up crashing entirely in 10 seconds.
The preliminary tests revealed that running even a couple of seconds of the video has the same effect on the iPhone as playing the entire video clip, and that affects all iOS versions ranging from "iOS 5" and until the latest release of "iOS 10.2 beta 3 ".

However, it is not yet confirmed the exact cause of this crash but it appears that the short video is corrupt which generate a loop causing the iPhone's processor to work to exhaustion and finish all available resources and hence leading to a quick system failure. Apparently, that video crashes iPhone devices when it is run directly from a link rather than transferred as a file.

How To Protect Your iPhone From The Video Bug

Apple usually fixes such bugs through a constant iOS updates. Besides, iPhone users should be cautious when clicking on suspicious or gimmick linksIf someone sends you an unknown link to an MP4 file (video) trying to prank you, and you do not know what it is or its original source, it is better not to click on it until you have identified it is safe.

How To Fix Your iPhone If You Watched The Corrupt Video

If you've already got curious and watched the video or done it by mistake, then you had your iPhone crashed and temporarily non-functional, you can revive your phone through a hard reset. To get this done, hold down the Home button and the Power button simultaneously till you iDevice shuts down. Then hold the Power button down only to have it rebooted back to normal. 
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